Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A day of two halves

Not morning and afternoon, not wimbledon... no, just life.

Today I started preparing:
Weaning equipment
Oh yes, I have invested in a new blender. We are ready to start weaning the boys. I get confused, are they six months old? They're 24 weeks, so in my head that's six months, but I think the reality is I'm meant to wait till the 12th July.
But, we can just have little tasters for now.
I loved weaning Seren... and so of course I'm getting paranoid that as we've had such a good experience it won't go quite as smoothly this time.. we'll see.
On the plus side, I can use the bigger tubs (which I have lots of) and we'll not have waste from veg- oh yes, I have already figured out the benefits of weaning twins... and I'm so excited.
We now have tubs full of swede, pears and apples.

To offset the excitement, the surveyor came round today to look at the house. I am so nervous, so far everything is going well, but acknowledging how old the house is means it's not going to be without some faults.

And then Nanna Windows phoned to say she couldn't have Seren tonight. She has Seren every night for an hour or so whilst Mr J plays squash and I get the twins bathed and to bed. It works for all of us and it's always been a trauma to get the twins to bed when Seren is about.

But tonight we had a breakthrough, Seren helped me bathe the boys and was very good at it.
For a girl who doesn't like water poured near her eyes she excelled at throwing water at Tom, fortunately Tom remained his usual laid back self.
Things went from good to excellent as we fed the boys, put them into their cot and Seren agreed it was time for her to go to bed too. So, for the first time ever, all babes were asleep by ten past seven!

And then I walked into the bathroom and found my first grey hair.
Not such a good day!

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