Tuesday, 28 June 2011

How much television is too much?

How much television should you let your children watch? It's one of those topics that you might have really strong opinions about... I know I did. I always thought it was best to avoid the tv in favour of keeping children active. I haven't changed that much from the premise of that thought but I have grown to like the mantra 'everything in moderation'.

From a relatively young age (about six months) Seren was hypnotised by In the Night Garden, at that time we didn't have Sky/ Freeview so only caught it once a day on BBC2, I was amazed by the attention she paid to it, having never liked teletubbies I grew to like ITNG- expecially Igglepiggle.
Another positive came out of this, when Seren was 16months old we toook her to see ITNG Live, her first theatre experience and she was totally memorised.
Johnson Babies at In the Night Garden Live!
Since having the twins CBeebies has been a key tool in the bag of distractions for Squeaks. For the first three months it took an average of two hours to feed the boys, at seven feeds a day that was a lot of time for Seren to spend on her own. Of course every feed was planned- books, toys, crayons, snacks and tv were all lined up ready to go.

In recent months the feed times reduced, we now feed four times a day, averaging half an hour (the joy of tandem feeding). Seren's habits have also changed, whilst CBeebies is still an option Seren has decided she prefers the cartoons of Nick Jr. At first, I rebelled- surely CBeebies is more educational?!? But then I sat down to watch her two favourites- 'Dora the Explorer' and 'Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom' and I was impressed with Squeaks' choice, her favourite cartoons feature older sisters with twins for siblings. I'm sort of hoping she doesn't think this is the norm but can't help but think at least Seren understands her role of big sister to twins a bit better now... or maybe she just likes fairies and backpacks.
Ben and Holly's Magic Kingdom

Dora the Explorer with twins

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  1. Research suggests under 2s shouldn't watch any television - I wonder just how many children the researchers had lol.

    I like Cbeebies because it doesn't have any adverts.


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