Friday, 24 June 2011

Proud moment!?

You can't love your children enough... and them some days they do things which pull at your heart so much you want to cwtch them forever.

Seren's new love is painting. Every day when we wake up the question of "what shall we do today?" evokes the following answers:
"go downstairs"- always achievable
"loops"- honey nut loops for breakfast- possible if Mr J's stocked up
"windows"- going to see Mr J's mum aka Nana Windows (she likes to peek out from the nets). Mr J takes her every day after work, no problems.
"outside... garden"- doing laps of the garden, always good for wearing her out, a definite!
and... the newest addition... "painting".
Seren will paint all day long, and insist you join in, "mummy paint, mummy paint" is her favourite chant mid-master piece.

And Seren drew her first smiley face.... I was so proud... I decided to capture the moment:
Painting toddler style
As I reviewed the photo on my camera I turned back to see she was painting over it. I was gutted, no chance to put this picture onto the fridge. A little annoyed (although of course not showing it!) I asked her what she did that for to have the response "Hiding".... Age 2, and an answer for everything!
Johnson Babies
Can you spot who's hiding?
I've added this post to The Boy And Me's Show Off Show Case as a blog post I thought should've done better!
ShowOff Showcase


  1. What a talented young artist she is! And I know what you mean about them having an answer for every thing - my 2 year ld doesn't say much but he always manage to have the last say somehow! X

  2. How lovely! Can't wait til Esther and William start painting x

  3. Argh, I feel your pain. But oh the joy in her response. There little worlds are wonderfully simple and logical!

  4. Lovely pictures - both the photos and her artworks. You'll have plenty more for the fridge door. I'm running out of space on mine for all the good ones.

  5. Aww, it's lovely that she loves to be creative and enjoys painting. Brilliant smiley face, very clever! I've seen a photobook of children's artwork before, I intend to do a collection much the same, takes up less space for one!

    Thanks for linking up to ShowOff ShowCase.


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