Monday, 27 June 2011

Random acts of kindness

One of the 'quirkiest' things that I noticed when I moved to Tod was how people say 'hello' to everyone. Where I've lived in the past whilst you greet friends and acquaintances the practice of a greeting from a stranger would immediately put you on guard, in Tod it is just how people greet others. It felt odd to live somewhere remotely 'honest'.

When we lived on our boat we were part of a community, living on a marina where the majority lived on their boats meant everyone looked out for each other (and politely avoided conversation with those on loo-emptying duty).

This continued when we moved into our house. Mr J had bought the house from his friend's mum, he had even rented part of it in the past, the house had previously belonged to his friend's grandparents, this was truly a long-standing community. Our next-door neighbour Peter had lived in his house 'forever', he had been married to the twin sister of Alma, the lady who lives round the front. Peter sadly passed away about eighteen months ago- he was in his mid-80's I think and had really lived- even at 80 we often saw him on his way to work, admittedly this was his code for the British Legion.

I explain this because it does make you feel like you are 'home', and that the decision to move away whilst emminently sensible was a difficult one for what we are giving up.

Yesterday, Seren came home with a keepsake.
Hand knitted Teddy bear
Alma had knitted Seren a teddy bear, so she's wouldn't forget her when we move to Wales.

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