Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Time to commit

So, I did try to create a blog once, a commitment to taking a photograph every day and uploading it, a New Year's Resolution, which probably lasted a week.
I'm hoping with no pressure to blog endlessly that I might just be able to do this one.
Really to record the early days of my children's lives, as I've already realised I've conveniently forgotten Seren's early days- I can't remember her being on more than four feeds a day, which was especially difficult when the boys were on eight or so and I thought I was going insane.

And the last five or so months have been as manic as I thought they would and I don't want to forget them, as I start 'looking forward' to returning to work.

So, all about the Johnson's!
I met Mr J about seven or so years ago, for some reason (and I'm not usually bad with dates) I have to rely on how long AJ's been with Mark to figure out how long ago we met- we both met our respective partners around the same time.
Both being stubborn ejits we refused to give up our respective homes, so we bought a boat- how obvious! We lived on the boat for 18 months before the need for a good shower got the better of me, I sold my flat in Manchester and we moved into his (this probably makes me the weaker partner- but not for long!).
Johnson Babies
We'll move on to the babies next...

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  1. AJ and Mark met on 31 July 2004. If that helps. I can't believe you didn't know what year you two met. I got the first email from him whilst sat on your sofa. Just before a trip to Dublin where we had a great time arguing. Happy days. x


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