Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Welcome Seren Poppy

We hadn't realised we were pregnant.
We'd spent so long waiting every month that we'd given up. And I'd forgotten the obvious.
At eight weeks the penny dropped and suddenly we were dropped into parenthood. And for me, no matter how much you read (and I like to read) or prepare yourself, everything went out the window when a baby appeared.

I feel the need to impart my birth stories (as I'm sure all mothers do!) but more because it was so positive, and there are so many birth stories at the other end of the spectrum.

So, this is Seren's story.
At four days overdue I had the dreaded 'S &S' (if you don't know I'm not telling you!) to be told I was 2cm dilated. It provided hope.
At 5pm I could've sworn I was having contractions, but they were on and off throughout the night, by 2am we had worked ourselves into such a state the hospital agreed to let us come in.
We arrived at the hospital, and upon further 'inspection' I was 3cm dialated, I decided at this stage I wasn't having any more babies if I had only 'got' 1cm closer in nine hours... and, if this wasn't 'text book labour' (technical definition it seems)  we were going home- I suspect to the midwives relief.
Mr J decided it had all been too much for him and went to bed, probably around 4am.
I think I managed to get an hour's sleep and then got 'contractions' again, with the earlier experience in mind I convinced myself it was nothing to worry about!!
By 8am I decided it probably was worth worrying about, given I felt the need to push.
I assessed Mr J was awake (he was on the phone to my mum telling her all was fine).
A quick shout to Mr J and I phoned to the hospital- who were willing to welcome us back.
We got to the hospital at 9.10.
As we walked to the midwife led unit I had a contraction outside the main hospital entrance.
Mr J tried to make me carry on walking (because we had been encouraged to have an active labour!!).
On arrival we were ushered into a room (I'm sure they were thinking "It's the panic merchants from last night").
And regardless of anything I said to the midwives they had to have their pee sample, cue shouts from the toilet "Mr J, I can't get up off the loo", two minutes of maneuvering later cue midwife "I can see the head". Lovely.
Fortunately I was able to make it back out of the bathroom to have my gorgeous daughter at 9.54.
An amazing experience which began our daughter's life.
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