Friday, 24 June 2011

Who's the boss? - Meet the Seb and Tom

I had woken up on New Year's Day with a cold. Usual practice is to dose up on every medicine available and sit it out.
Being pregnant meant living through it, with the bonus of a very energetic toddler.

Of course every one then had to go through the process of catching my lurgy so it came to be that the night before I was due to be induced Seren slept in my bed as her fever made her restless.

With bags packed and by the door everything was ready to phone to be induced the following day.

Mum was staying so she could look after Seren when we went to the hospital, and so at 1am when she came to check on every us we were fine.

It must have been about 5.30 that I was 'stirred' from my sleep thinking "hmmm, contractions?" I had no real recollection of what happened last time but I figured as the pains were falling within less than five minute intervals I would phone the hospital. The predicted conversation occurred "Well, if you want to come in... we'll have a look at you in triage". I decided this time I would trust my instinct and make the journey. Awaking Mr J with "Do you fancy taking me to the hospital now rather than later?" and my mum "I'm not feeling too good, can you go in my bed with Seren whilst Mr J takes me into the hospital".

I can't explain the unnatural calmness that prevails in organising everything, whilst stopping every few minutes to ride out the wave of pain.

By the time we got to the hospital at 6am I had decided we would be taking our hospital bag in with us (we hadn't with Seren as we had feared being sent home again. As a result I had given birth in the nuddy as my thick jumper wasn't compatible!).
We arrived in triage to be told "Oh, you're the third twin mum we've had in tonight".
I felt optimisitic- things always happen in threes- "And have they given birth?", "No, we've sent them home." The writing was on the wall.

Fortunately there was no request for a wee sample, simply a hop up on the the bed.
Much to my relief came the news I was 5cm dialated and could be immediately taken to a delivery suite.
Having really missed out on the stages of labour, I was concerned with the next line "just let me know when you want to push", I thought I had plenty of time to wait, but no.
The good news was that there wasn't enough time to get me to theatre, something I had not really wanted, a difficult birth was preventing this, but it was also causing a delay with the doctor- oh dear!

Before I knew it the crew had arrived, the paediatrics team and the doctor as well as a team of midwives. My delivery midwife was Natalie Gledhill and she was amazing, talking me through everything, before we knew it my waters had broken and Tom was born at 6.35, I was able to briefly hold him before he was taken to be checked and I was so relived that Troublesome Twin 1 was ok.
Tension then followed, twin 2 was in no hurry to make it into the world, my waters were broken and my most embarrassing moment was close behind.
Having not had gas and air before (read: excuses) I was told I had one chance to push him out, which I should put everything into, I bit so hard on the gas and air the pipe came apart, and I closed my eyes and pushed- I then asked "is he born yet?", to be told "no"... oh well, maybe it's not that easy!
My other 'moment' was apologising to everyone after mid contraction I said the dreaded "c" word, oh yes my expletives were as bad as they got- 'crap' was my expletive of choice.
The doctor did choose to use ventouse to assist delivery and Seb was born at 6.53. Seb was taken immediately to the paed team to support his breathing.

Both boys were fine, checked over, I got to hold Seb and we were left 'holding the babies', Tom at 4lb7 and Seb at 6lb.
Newborn twin boys
Seb (left) and Tom (right), the first photo, 3 hours old.
Shortly after my alarm went off, it was time to phone the hospital to see if I could be induced- my impatient little boys!
Newborn twin boys
Tom (left) and Seb (right), one day old.

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