Tuesday, 12 July 2011

And so, the end is near

Less than two weeks until my maternity leave is over.
What a truly horrible thought.

As I sit here looking at my three sleeping babes.
Not usual behaviour I grant you, laryngitis has hit the Johnson household.
I am pondering on what the future holds.
Today my babies are six months old. We made it!
Seren adapted to mummy being home and daddy going out to work.
And just as we reached this milestone, we begin our next phase.

It's definitely been a different maternity leave.
With Seren I began my leave two weeks before she was due, which was fortunate as my dissertation was also due on the same day. It was non-stop, and to accomodate for this Seren arrived 5 days late so I had a bit of time to myself.
I knew that time off before, when my maternity leave is so short, would be a waste. So, with the twins, I once again planned to go off two weeks before they were due. Only, of course, I was pregnant with twins, who was to say when they were due, when my consultant said the preference is to deliver at 38 weeks I moved my start date.
And of course, the babies needed to be born at 36 weeks, so my maternity leave started the day the boys were born.
Which means I have been very fortunate to have my entire maternity leave enjoying their company.

With Seren, I have to admit to being vaguely bored whilst on maternity leave, by vaguely bored what I mean is I missed work. I had suddenly gone from a full time job and part time uni student to a full time mum. I was unconfident as a mum and the only thing I knew was my job.
So I spoke a lot to people at work and did lots of 'keep-in-touch' days.
Oddly, I didn't like KIT days. I always remember someone saying to me that when I went back to work after becoming a mum I would be a lot more relaxed and things would wash over me. Ha ha. When I went back to work I just got fed up of people 'dilly-dallying' around- why did I need to waste my time travelling to meetings in London if no-one would make decisions, I think I probably became more of a task-master as the quicker we got things done the quicker I could be at home with my daughter- understanding, as always, there is no point in half measures as we'd end up doing things three times over to get things right.

Things have been different this time round. I got a new boss just before Christmas and have yet to build a relationship with her, so the loyalty things isn't there. I got on with my old boss so enjoyed catching up with him. So, I haven't felt the need to stay in contact this time round.
This time my hands are slightly more full, even if I did want to keep in contact, what are the chances that people are free when my children are behaving. And there have no been any KIT days- have you tried to get childcare for three?

As if knowing how worried I am, the boys have started demonstrating their independence, no longer needing mummy at feeding time:
6 month twins drinking bottles
And Seren has been doing her best to muck-in:
Toddler feeding six month old
The other thing that makes me so fearful of going back relates to yesterday's post, how do you cope knowing that there will be no more 'six month breaks', that when I go back to work it's until I'm sixty-whatever. Really got to make the best out of annual leave I guess!

And, the worst part of all for any control freak, I have to pass responsibility for the three most treasured people in my life- to my husband. OMG.
Oh, I know, he'll be fine- he'll just put them in the playpen whilst he pops out for a game of squash.
I guess things will be a bit different for him this time- with Seren he used to go out with her in the pushchair with Miller (the dog) for hours. Hmmmm, this will be interesting. Fortunately, in the last week Seren has shown an interest in the buggyboard, so maybe there's hope yet.
Snow in Todmorden
So, the mission, get rid of the lurgy from this house, catch up with friends, enjoy some time in Cardiff and then best foot forward!

And then, look forward to September- holiday and then move house- woohoo!!

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  1. Oh good luck. I can't imagine how hard it is going back after maternity leave and I had never even considered the whole 'this is it until I retire' thing. That's terrifying! I started working again when the twins were 6 weeks old but I was working from home which made all the difference in the world.

    And the photo of your bubs in their swings killed me. Especially bubs on the left with the ears. Adorable!


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