Saturday, 30 July 2011

Back pretending to be a 'working mum'

I'm not quite sure what a 'working mum' is, I know what I was doing on maternity leave wasn't work but it was no less stressful or exhausting, but it was a lot more enjoyable.
So, is a working mum someone with less enjoyment... probably not, I love finishing work and spending time with the little ones, and probably enjoy it all the more now it's so short a time.
It's not like I've started a life sentence, I'm doing 3 1/2 days a week until mid-September, 4 days till Christmas and then full time from 2012.
Although, this is slightly wishful thinking, I found myslef catching up with emails twice 'outside of work' already- not exactly a promising start.

Going back to work did give me chance to put my new coaster and stationery to good use:
Working from home

I managed a day working from home, which was horrible knowing how much fun was going on two floors down. It probably didn't help that the first teleconference of the day was cancelled and I was the only one not notified- well, on the plus side no one knows I'm back so I get to ease myself back in (ho ho).
I did manage to scare the hubby witless with a schedule for the little people:
Twin routine
Then a day in the office, I can't even remember the last time I was in an office, I'm thinking early December, so when one of the team gave me a bottle of wine and a 'good luck' card, I knew it would be at least half an hour before I felt like I hadn't been away. So, by 5pm on the second day back the team had managed to make me start thinking again.
Wednesday, was a six-month summary with my boss, enough said. But, on the plus, went to Manchester (is that a plus?).
And Thursday morning spent trying to figure out what the team would be doing for the next six months.
But then came Thursday afternoon and Friday, and my little people made the world a better place:
7 month old twins
Roll on, next week... or alternatively, roll on September... moving to Wales and a holiday at Center Parcs... although I have no idea in which order!

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