Thursday, 14 July 2011

The benefits of study! The Gallery!!

I'm having a go at participating in the Gallery- albeit a day late.
This week's theme is 'Travel'.

I am fortunate enough to have travelled quite a bit, with friends, family and the other half. Our travel plans for the future won't be so much 'have baby, will travel' as 'have babies, will travel, reasonable distances, by car'.
Art in Beijing
In 2007 I managed to escape to Beijing for ten days, this was life pre-children when I managed to fit in studying with work, rather than mummy-dom.
As part of my university course we went to Beijing, and we were able to change our flights home to allow for a bit of personal time.
I can't imagine that I would have chosen to holiday in China, it isn't in keeping with usual holiday destinations (Cuba, Jamaica, Anglesey, Caledonian Canal...). However, this opportunity was amazing- bored myself senseless (and everyone else) that the realisation was- I was in China!!

The memories are fantastic, we got to experience a different side of China to most tourists whilst we were there (car manufacturers, factory visits) as well as trying to fit in the touristy things (the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, the Summer Palace). It helped no end being with a group- lots of random memories of chinese tourists wanting photos with fellow students- and having a new experience as a group.

Going back to university gave me a lot of opportunities and experiences. This was by far the most unexpected and the most enjoyable.

University trip to Beijing

The Forbidden City

The Great Wall of China

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