Saturday, 9 July 2011

Goodbye Odessey

Living in Todmorden
Today our boat went sailing down the Leeds-Liverpool Canal, without us.
It's an odd feeling, we weren't going to live on it again and I have no intention of living on a boat again (famous last words).
So, it had to go.

But it was our first home, and we have lots of great memories of living there. And here are a few:
Fishing in Todmorden
Views of Todmorden
Snow in Todmorden

A snow boat

Boating in Todmorden
So, it's goodbye Odessey. No more "cry me a river" when I couldn't get the fire to light, no more parties ending with little boys telling secrets "mummy's sitting on the gangplank being sick", friends waking up with dirty trousers recalling how they underestimated the distance to dry land, no more avoiding eye contact with people on 'wheel barrow duty'.

We'll just have to look forward to bringing the children on their first barge holiday.

1 comment:

  1. oh wow how wonderful to have had them memories tho my other half would absolubely love to live on a boat, maybe when the kids have all grown


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