Saturday, 9 July 2011

Listography: "Ice-cream, Ice-cream, I like lots of Ice-cream...

... for breakfast, dinner and for tea; so give some to me!"

Having spied this on Kate Takes 5 I took to reminiscing about my brother's favourite song!
So, the idea of this is  to write a Top 5 list on the subject of ice-cream.

Here goes:

1. The hangover cure of all time. The tangle twister:
Tangle Twister

2. Mint choc chip ice cream- what is there to say- chocolate, mint, ice-cream: perfect
Mint Choc Chip Cone

3. The orginal Feast. Before it got teeny tiny. My mum's favourite and therefore summer meant the freezer was kept stocked!

4. Not quite an ice cream but nothing beats a raspberry Slush Puppy. Memories of walking home from school.
Slush Puppy

5. Mini Milks. Not really sure why, but if you can give them to children they must be good for you.
Mini Milk

And, just to prove the love of ice-cream is hereditary and therefore it's not my fault I have to eat so much:
Seren enjoying ice-cream

Ice-cream in Kos


  1. Oh Slush Puppy! Slushy, sweet, over-flavored goodness! Also, #2 - made my list too!

  2. Slush puppy = brain freeze!!! Delicious and painful all at once!

  3. Love those photos of your daughter! Aren't they just gorgeous when they eat an ice cream?

    Love your list!

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  4. Slush puppies! I'd forgotten about them, thanks for the reminder. x

  5. A great first Listography - love the photos! Not sure I'd go with a Twister as a hangover cure though!

  6. love a feast and a slushie too. yummo! Mint choc chip is my idea of heaven. Great list!

  7. The Feast! Forgot about those. Chocoholics heaven.

  8. oh yes, children and ice cream, a gorgeous messy mix!


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