Monday, 18 July 2011

Listography: Gigs to die for!

Ok, it's Monday night... and I've been thinking about this since Saturday. Kate Takes 5 set this weeks Listography is Top 5 Bands I'd Like To See Live.

I even had a long drive yesterday to think about it and still my brain frazzled.
So here goes:

1. All American Rejects

2. Nirvana

3. Blue October
Hubby meeting Justin

4. Green Day

5. Foo Fighters

I'm sorry, I can't justify any of these choices, becauses it's taken me this long to stop arguing with myself... there are just too many... aarrrgghhh!


  1. Oo interesting list. Which one is your husband then? ;)

  2. Absolutely gutted- just found out they're coming to the UK again- and parents are on holiday- so OH going on his own again- schucks!!


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