Thursday, 7 July 2011

Me and my kindle

I love my kindle.
I feel like a traitor to the cause.
Although I'm not really sure why.

I don't have an MP3 player.
Although I did successfully make the transition from vinyl to tape to CD.

There just seems something odd about not being able to see your new purchase.
(Although, yes, the whole point of any book is that you can see it.)

I am a bookworm.
My dad will tell anyone the tale.
I was six or seven and I decided to run away from home.
I went upstairs to my room to pack.
I then went into the lounge to inform my mum and dad.
My dad tells me once I saw the light and decided to stay that my dad unpacked my suitcase.
It didn't have any clothes,
Only books.

Mr J and I used to hire boats in Scotland for the week.
It was a great idea, fantastic scenery and lots of fun travelling the lochs.
The true benefit was Mr J had lots of time to fish whilst I had time to read.

And then moving house came into play.
We decided to move last summer and did lots of car boots, selling books that I couldn't justify keeping.
By the time we decided to move, in June this year, we had to get rid of all the books with which I had filled those empty shelves.

And the kindle seemed like an attractive prospect.
All the money we'd save on bookcases.
My wonderful husband found the irony in 'paper' celebrating the 1st wedding anniversary and bought me a kindle.
And we have been inseparable since (me and the kindle).

I got very excited about covers, and gels, and lights for my kindle.
But being on maternity leave, I'm broke.
So, I wish-listed them.

One Saturday morning I let my guard slip.
I left my kindle lying on the sofa.
And as fate works it way sometimes cruelly, Seren decided to go 'muddy puddle' jumping on the sofa.
Needless to say it was more of a crack than a splash.

Deciding to take responsibility for the situation made of my stupidity, I phoned Amazon to see what they could do.
I admitted to leaving the kindle on the sofa. But instead of allowing myself to place any blame on my daughter, I told the man something had dropped on the screen. The only thing that came to my mind- a hard back book. It turns out that isn't covered under the warranty.
I wasn't even trying to be ironic, but yes, the hard back book kicked the kindle's butt.

Fortunately, the man seeing the humour of the situation, and hearing three troublemakers in the background (the hubby was out), understood the meaning of 'respite' and offered me their replacement deal and three days later me and the kindle were reunited.

The main reason I prefer the kindle is the benefit it brings to being the one to put the children to bed.
I write this, hoping my husband only pretends to take interest in my blog.
The twins are now very good at settling at bedtime. I probably could put them down, turn the monitor on and go downstairs. But, to save any inconvenience of running up and down the stairs (as if!), I choose to stay with them for half an hour just to make sure they are asleep. Oh, and that gets me 30 mins of reading time. And, then it's time to put Seren to bed, and the same rules apply. Oh yes, one whole hour of reading every night!
The kindle helps, because I don't lose my page if I do have to see to the babes, if Seren decides she wants a cwtch and mummy to stay in bed I can read my book. And all of this can be done with one hand- the multi tasking mum can get lots done.

So, I've nearly finished reading Michael Connolly's books, using the connectivity to make sure I'm reading them in order and everything. The kindle means I'm not waiting round for books and I can read them as I want.

I am a convert to the kindle.
I may even think about investing in an MP3 for all the train journeys once I'm back at work.
But I really should invest in a kindle cover first so lightening doesn't strike twice.

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  1. And you don't have to go to a shop to actually BUY books. I use Mark's kindle but if he is using it, I can read the same books on the mac with kindle for mac. Genius. xxx


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