Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Space Centre, Accrington

Last week we made our first trip out to a twins outing, organised by Cal Howard at Rossendale & Bury Twins Group we went to the Space Centre in Accrington. Talk about a baby gem on your doorstep. The Space Centre is part of the Childrens Centre at Church (one of those Sure Start places which the government seem intent on closing...).

The first benefit of the Space Centre is it is limited to 25 people, this meant that the worries I usually have at soft play centres were reduced as the area was easy to navigate so I wasn't too far away from the babes at any point. The Space Centre is designed for children and families which meant unlike most soft play centres there was as much to benefit the twins as there was for Seren.

The Space Centre has a bubble tube, fibre optics, a sparkle cave and infinity hut, as well as 'the usual' ball pit and slides.
Baby twins at the Space Centre
I have not been to a place with so much variety before and (although I may need to eat these words) it seems to be a place where Seren could do more damage to it than it could do to Seren- what I mean by this is that everything is designed to create a safe and secure play area, the floors were padded so if Seren fell the floor looked after her, the boys could be left to 'play' whilst Seren explored.
Toddlers at the Space Centre
The other learning of the day was how much fun it is to be around so many other twins and siblings.
So intent on enjoying their baby status I have not really thought about what it may be like as they get older, and, whilst it doesn't appear easy, it looks like it's going to be so much fun. Not only do the boys have a 'BFF' to drag around and create mischief but they also get use to sharing, playing and interacting from the word go. There were twins there who were Seren's age and with a bit of encouragement from mum I was witness to an apology and hug from brother to sister, I couldn't help but watch in wonderment, Seren hasn't really interacted with many children her own age and I couldn't imagine her in this situation, she'll say sorry to me or the boys but there are usually a few tears first. As much as this says more about us than being a mum to twins I can't help but look forward to my three growing up and creating mischief as a family unit.


  1. sounds like a fab day out with the kids and looks it to!x

  2. Wow!!! That looks like so much fun!!! :) xxx


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