Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Gallery- Black & White

This week's theme at Sticky Fingers is Black & White, and I was tempted to go upstairs and scan some old photos. Then I remembered my camera has a black and white setting, and given I seem to spend so much time missing my little people I thought I'd capture them, as the babies reach seven months.

I took individual photos of the boys first, but I thought I'd prefix it with one of the two together. I do find it easy to see how different they are when they're together- they are after all non-identical- but when they're apart, to me, their similarities are more obvious. The thing is, when I look at pictures of big sis at their age she looks identical to our youngest twin so, yep- they're three very similar siblings!

So, here we are:
Twins at 7 months

Little, older brother:
Twins at 8 months

Everyone's little brother:
Twins at 8 months

And, not forgettting, big sis, all that time ago:
Blue eyed baby


  1. Lovely. Great how the Gallery has turned black and white this week.

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