Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Gallery: World Photography Day

This is a very late entry for Sticky Fingers Gallery, where the theme was World Photography Day.
World Photography Day was Friday August 19th, and the brief for the photograph was:
It must be a photo from today (or the weekend). Make it a photo to treasure for generations to come; family life, a moment, a precious family member frozen in time, a day out.
My photo comes from August 24th so is slightly out of range, but still it's a photo I will treasure for ever, and I hope my family will too. This is the first photograph I have of me and my boys. I'm not entirely sure why, they're now seven months old. And whilst we are in our pjs, it is nonetheless a precious moment:
Twin boys at 8 months
So, I hope this might just fall into the brief!


  1. What a gorgeous picture. I love the pjs - makes it more personal. I am not in any pictures either - mainly because I don't like seeing myself so awful in the early days. Your boys look so cheeky! They are really cute.

  2. cute!! my twins are 7 mths old now too.


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