Tuesday, 23 August 2011

How you've changed

Tomorrow is my birthday.
I'm working.
I never work on my birthday.
As a child it was always the summer holidays, so if I never went to school on my birthday why should I have to go to work.
This logic has served me well for many years.
Until someone started organising meetings for me and I tried flexible working. My flexible working arrangement means I get Wednesdays off.
It wasn't meant to be.

I am still 32, today, so it makes me chuckle to reflect how much life has changed.
When I turned 30 I had no husband and no children.
At 32 I have 3 children and a husband.
Buses I tell you!

I'm hoping that life will stabilise as I hit 33.
I have 3 children.
It's not going to happen.

Birthdays too have changed. Usually I have a list of gift ideas a mile long. This year everything is prefixed by the consideration of the house move or how money could be better spent on spoiling the children, and if I'm not allowed to spoil the children how can I justify the money being spent on me.
So, I have asked my husband for a babysitter from half seven till half nine.
So I can put the babes to bed, we can nip out for a meal, Seren can enjoy being up an extra hour and I can be home to put her to bed.

How come I've spent more birthdays sober in the last four years than I ever did as a teenager (admittedly not the best comparison I could make).

I'm guessing I'll just have to have an extra long list of gifts for Santa.

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