Saturday, 13 August 2011

It feels like it's been a while

As much as I am, to an extent, enjoying being back at work, I find myself missing so much. And, as much as I am missing writing on this blog and reading others, it does fall quite some way behind spending time with the little people.
Three under 3
I thought I'd be easing my way back into work quite gradually, promising the team we'd spend August doing all those niggly things that we never get round to doing whilst (ssshhh!) nobody knows I'm back. Only doing 3 1/2 days a week was meant to demonstrate that I'd be taking it easy.

But the last week exhausted me with the luxury of 1/2 day working from home and 2 days in London and one in Leeds. And this week it'll be Liverpool, Leeds, Warrington and our lovely head office in the deepest darkest Norfolk.

I predict I'll be falling asleep when I put Seren to bed a lot.

It is already so difficult balancing working with spending as much time as possible with the little people. I am already thinking about mid-September when I go back to a 4 day week, and am not sure 2012 and full time is worth thinking about.
I have now moved my thinking from 'no-one knows I'm back' to 'whistle-stop tour of everyone I haven't seen since 2010' and then back to plenty of working from home days.

The best moment however was when a colleague asked me about my blog... but how would they know about this secret side of my life? I had forgotten that at some time in the past I had created a link between twitter (which I never got round to using) and my Linked-In account. And then when I created this blog I remembered my twitter account and created a link.
So yes, my contacts/ regular visitors to Linked-In have seen my blog posts popping up... hey ho!


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