Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Listography: Guilty Pleasures

The theme at Kate Takes 5 for this week is Guilty Pleasures, where to begin! Although if everyone else is confessing, it's probably good for the soul! Here goes:

1. Paperchase- cannot walk past, have to go in, and have to buy something. And I am cleansed!

2. Stationery- sort of following on from Paperchase, but happy to shop anywhere, recently fell in love with Moleskine, it's more an obsession, I have far too much, but it's sooooo nice, to write with a good pen, to start a new notebook.

3. Organisation- I have the perfect job for this obsession- project management means I get to demonstrate how anally retentive I can be (in this regard). But at home it verges on compulsive. There is nothing better than putting books, cds and dvds in alphabetical order, or making sure my wardrobe is organised by outfit type, colour, length. And then I feel better.

4. The Hills- the ultimate in crap tv, still somewhat addicitive. I'm ok with admitting how much I enjoy some reality shows, but this one, I just can't believe how I sit and watch it (even when I've probably seen it before).
The Hills

5. Reading the end of books: and this is whether I've reached the end or not. I love reading a good book. And when I find a really good book I'll stay up as late as it takes to read it, even if that means I'll be a grouchy monster the next day. But the one thing my kindle has taken away if my pleasure of reading the last pages half way through and trying to figure out for myself how the book gets you there (with a really, really good book you'll never figure it out!).


  1. lol i thought i had written this!! my obsession with paper chase and notebooks makes me feel not too guilty now that someone else does the same as me!! Also included this in my list!! xxx

  2. Oh god I forgot the Hills, yes I definitely embarrassingly watch that as well.


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