Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Listography: Seasonal Survival Tactics

With Kate Takes 5 on holiday in Wales (oh by the end of this month!), this week’s Listography is being hosted by the Alexander Residence.

And the theme is Seasonal Survival tactics. Now admittedly, I imagine this is more tailored for those who are facing the prospect of little ones returning to or starting school. We have this to look forward to- admittedly, I am not looking forward to it, this sign of children growing up is not something I want to think about.

But surviving the onslaught of dark mornings and dark nights is something I have got used to since ‘becoming a grown up’ and having the most random work schedule.

So here goes:

1. Invest in a gorgeous coat: retail therapy at its best, once you have purchased said coat you almost look forward to the right (cold) weather to wear it. I find this happiness doubles when you find the perfect snowsuit for your little one:
John Lewis Toddler Snowsuit
2. Invest in a good ice scraper and lots of de-icer: I’m sure the de-icer isn’t strictly ‘friendly’ but leaving the house at 5am isn’t friendly either, so best to get on the road without disturbing others.
Snow in Todmorden
3. Dig out or purchase a slow cooker: Something I’m looking forward to this winter. A good friend introduced me to the wonderful smell of a casserole in a slow cooker. The perfect cold weather food, easily prepared.

 4. Pack away your summer clothes: There is nothing more depressing than facing gorgeous summery clothes as you see how many layers least resembles the Michelin man. Not withstanding the odd gorgeous autumnal day, pack away the summer outfits to look forward to next year.
5. Look forward to Christmas: is it ever too early?
Christmas tree with Shaun the Sheep



  1. Very practical list, ice scrapper is such a good idea, I always forget that and then struggle with whatever comes to hand, buy one then lose it over the Summer.
    I never pack summer clothes away, but you are so right!
    I'm looking forward to Xmas..... good to have something to aim for!

  2. I love that snow suit - going to need to get some of those too, and not sorted out winter coats yet either.
    I like my slow cooker too. I meant to find some good summer recipes for it but never got round to it. It's great to have dinner ready so you're not cooking during 4-5 which is grumpy-o-clock in our house.

  3. Great list.
    I need an ice scraper - thank you for the reminder. And totally agree, no such thing as bad weather just bad clothes. And Christmas is like a shining beacon of hope and glitter in the dark nights isn't it. I have already dug the slow cooker out, brownie points?

  4. Wow - look at that snow! Being from the other side of the earth, I have never even seen snow [can you belive it?!] once I had ice on my car windscreen, and I though the world was ending! Love the coat one too - always need a good, fitted coat!

  5. What summer clothes? Waaa! (feeling sorry for myself and the summer that wasn't). Visiting from Kate Takes 5.


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