Monday, 22 August 2011

Moving house

Welcome to Wales sign
With a bit of luck, we'll be moving to Wales in six weeks, maybe sooner if life comes together but we'll see.
We've been on this journey for a while, but it's really only come together in the last few months.

I find it hard to believe we're moving back, I sometimes think I've spent my whole life trying to move away. And I'm now acknowledging that I'll never live in New York or London, that I am a grown up and have three little people who need a stability and a life that brings out their best.

As soon as I finished my finals I left Wales, I didn't even wait for graduation- I was off. I'm not sure how much thought went into this, but in my head I always knew that if I couldn't work in Cardiff I'd have to leave for London.
I never made London, I took a job in Slough. Now admittedly in my head this was London, being from Wales I really didn't appreciate England's geography. I worked in Uxbridge after discovering Slough really wasn't London. At least Uxbridge had a tube station.
M25 map
My next move was the result of a career change, and I was based in Luton.
Life took a number of changes on a personal level and I took a transfer to the North West and bought an apartment (that's what the property details said- I thought it was a flat) in Manchester.
An 18 month secondment meant I hardly saw the flat, spending most of my life on the road and spending weekends with friends or travelling back home. Towards the end of my secondment I met Tony and life took another unexpected turn -We decided to buy a houseboat. My new home was to be Todmorden in West Yorkshire:
Map of West Yorkshire
Todmorden has become the place I have lived the longest since leaving home. We have been in this house for at least five years- which is good going for me.
In 2009 our lives changed completely when Squeaks was born. Whilst we thought about moving to Wales at this time it really didn't make sense, but the day we found out we were expecting twins this was the only reality.

We put the house on the market in June hoping we might be in Wales for the following February- we had spent nearly a year watching house prices and sales, we lacked confidence. So, we were completely overwhelmed to sell the house within the week. We took our next leap of faith by putting an offer on a house we have only seen once, but fell in love with. Our offer was accepted. We will be living in the house identical to the ones I used to draw as a child!
A perfect home?
And so at the end of September, all things being well, we'll be living in Rhoose:
Vale of Glamorgan map
We will be trading our view of the Pennines for a view of the Bristol Channel.
Views over Todmorden

Views over Rhoose
And I can't wait!!!


  1. We just had a lovely holiday in Wales, its so beautiful. The older I get the more I think a view is important. I can see the whole of Nottingham, but only IF I stick my head out the skylight. So time to move, plus I miss the North West where I grew up, home's best!
    Good Luck with the move!

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