Saturday, 20 August 2011

Product Review: Baby Blooms Pyjamas

Baby Blooms
We were fortunate enough to get the opportunity to review some gorgeous pyjamas for Baby Blooms
There is nothing like a surprise package in the post, "what have I ordered?" being checked out in your mind- I couldn't remember, and absolutely fell in love with the contents of my parcel:
Baby Blooms packaging
Instantly recognisable as a wonderfully imaginative gift, for me this would absolutely be a first choice for friends having babies. The pyjamas are uniquely presented, offering an alternative to traditional flowers and chocolates, an excellent gift for parents either not knowing what gender their child is, or when you don't know a parent's taste in babywear well enough. The gift is well thought through and really signs up to the cup cake trend as well as the final gift, the pyjamas being of excellent quality:
Baby Blooms
The gift itself, for obvious reasons, even goes so far as to highlight the tiniest downfall of such a gorgeous concept:
Baby Blooms
But with most parents washing baby clothes before the first wear this is not really an issue.

After being wow-ed by the gift itself, the big test is the product, and how would they fare under the scrutiny of the twins.
Our two cupcakes revealed themselves to be a pair of cream 0-6mth pyjamas, they are generous in size, and  as they are 100% cotton they are more than soft enough for babies. With the twins being 7 months and probably a bit on the small side. I wouldn't hesitate in them being fine at 6mths and lasting until they are 12mths.
Baby wearing Baby Blooms Pyjamas
I have to confess we're a babysuit bedtime family, rather than pyjamas. After trialling them on both babies at night I'd have to say, as a personal preference, we're sticking with babysuits as the babies are so active in the night. But that doesn't prevent the gift being an entirely useful item as I much prefer these as daywear for the babies- a second confession is that I leave the babies in their babysuits on days we know we're staying at home because I don't think all their babywear is comfortable enough for their pursuits- but this gift from Baby Blooms sorts this dilemma out! The pyjamas are so gorgeous that I have no qualms in the boys wearing them during the day.

The product, the pyjamas, does live up to Baby Bloom values of quality, and are as promised soft, practical, hard-wearing and washable.
I'm not sure if this makes sense, but they really do feel like good quality clothing, they were so soft to touch, and they did wash well. The boys are comfortable in them and happy to roll around the floor and generally make chaos.

I will definitely look to Baby Blooms for future gifts, the pyjamas are reasonably priced at £14.99 with lots of other gift ideas available, from socks or bibs cup cakes for under a tenner or an absolutely gorgeous range of baby clothes bouquets in a variety of price ranges.

Disclosure: I was sent a pair of pyjamas for the purposes of writing this review. The views and opinions contained are my own.


  1. Although I did like it when they were cheaper, honest diapers are still my favorite. My 3rd child is now in these & out of 3 kids never have these leaked!!! And I love the orgainc material that just makes it better to use them!!

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