Saturday, 13 August 2011

Product Review: Little Baby Bugs Duckies

I thought I'd attempt my first product review. I thought I'd start with this particular product as it was such a random find and now, I'd like to say we couldn't live without it- that would be a stretch- but the boys love them and we don't go anywhere without them.

The randomness of the story, back in the day we couldn't go anywhere without our trusty muslins for fear of the vomit (TMI!), even after Tom's op the boys were so attached to them that they still accompanied us everywhere. In June this year, when a lovely lady in Tesco complemented them on 'their little blankies' I knew the time had come for a replacement- in my eyes 'their little blankies' were more conveniently known as 'sick blankets'. The boys needed something they could be proud of!

Whilst browsing Facebook (stalking- browsing- you decide!), my side bar highlighted a page a friend had liked and the name caught my attention: LittleBabybugs sounded like somewhere I'd want to shop!

The shop sells a variety of handcrafted and bespoke baby accessories like cloth nappies, footmuffs, blankets, bibs and car seat covers. And I found 'duckies'- gorgeous little blankies which could be customised by their ribbons and choice of fabric.
Twins and Little Baby Bugs
I fell in love, the price- although very reasonable at £12.50- scared me, as every thing does when you have twins- could I justify this purchasing two given the boys might just still prefer their 'sick blankets', and, of course, I couldn't buy for one without the other. And the second, greatest risk- my mother- my mother is craft personified- I grew up with handmade school uniform, hand knitted cardigans and jumpers- would my mum take one look at them and say 'could have made them for a fiver'.

I took the risk, having had a good weekend selling on ebay I decided to re-invest and contacted Becky. Becky is one of the owners, along with Louise they are WAHM's and have 4 children between them. Based locally to us in Rochdale.

Becky was fantastic, understanding my 'same but different' request and due to her holidays even arranged for them to be prioritised so they were with us in record time.
The boys loved them, the are amazingly soft, the ribbons are exquisite (never thought I'd hear myself use that term to describe ribbon)- but the quality and variety are gorgeous. They really do accompany us everywhere as the variety of photos show. I wasn't looking forward to washing them the first time, not because I don't enjoy washing (well I don't actually) but I couldn't face the idea that they might loose their quality- they didn't- they remain soft and lovely to handle.

And, as the best recommendation ever- my mum loves them, thinks they are gorgeous, and given the quality of materials used assures me she couldn't have done them for less- nuff said!

Little Babybugs

Little Baby Bugs Duckies



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