Sunday, 4 September 2011

Listography: Things I did this summer

This week's theme at Kate Takes 5 I'm sure should be about sunshine and trips to the beach, however that seems to have been in May rather than the summer so I am instead left being a little boring this summer and looking forward to our holiday in September and next year's sunshine!

So here goes....

1. Went back to work. Whilst I thought I missed it, I definitely didn't. A temporary flexible working arrangement hasn't been successful, this actually means doing the same amount of work even if you're doing less hours... even the stationery hasn't made it better.
The desk of a home worker
2. Little girl started pre-school. Very excited for her, and the lovely school managed to find her a place over the summer to coincide with my return to work rather than waiting for September. She loves it and that's all that matters.
Pre-school fun
3. Had time with wonderful friends with gorgeous scenery. Now we're leaving the North we're discovering its beautiful places, Tatton Park and RHS Harlow Carr were our summer trips.
Good friendsTatton Park

Harlow CarrHarlow Carr
4. We went to the Manchester International Festival and met Mr Bloom (what a claim to fame!)
Manchester International FestivalMr Bloom

5. I lost my husband to a boat renovation project- Odessey never made it down the canal, instead Tony's spent the summer renovating it and now we've got our fingers crossed for a sale- anyone want a lovely house boat?!

House boatHouse boat



  1. Just stopping by to say hi and give some blog love - we're both members of the Twin Multiples Club. I have 15 month old twin boys.

  2. Oh dear must be hard at work if even stationary didn't make it better!

    How exciting seeing Mr Bloom. I get really star struck seeing Cbeebies stars and presenters! I think seeing Mr Tumble would be the ultimate A-list star for the under 5s.

    Like the idea of the Twin Multiples club. Going to take a look now.

  3. what a fab house boat! and well done on getting back into the swing of work, I had a similar experience - returned to work, less hours but same amount of work - but no extra credit!

  4. Part time often means you are expected to do the same amount of work - but what makes it worse is that you are then expected to do everything at home too because you're 'off'. Very frustrating!

  5. Oh what a fab Summer! Did Mr.Bloom have that god damn awful accent? The most memorable holidsya were those on a canal boat.Hope you sell it soon :)

  6. Evening! I've awarded you The Versatile Blogger Award. To collect it pop over to my blog.

  7. So sorry to hear that work has not worked out but fab that you little girl is enjoying pre-schol. That is one weight off yoru mind.

    Mich x


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