Saturday, 17 September 2011

Listography: Five things that make my house a home

So this week, Kate is taking on the Save the Children's Blogging 101 Workshop in London- it would have been wonderful to have attended, but London is a bit far, and we only got back from our hols yesterday so I would have been pushing my luck.

So the listography for this week is being hosted by Mother Porridge at the theme is ‘five things that make my house a home’. Quite timely, hopefully we are now on two week countdown to moving to a new house... so what things will make Rhoose a home?

1. Family: does this go without saying? Without the noise, chaos and disorder how could anywhere feel like home?
Three under 2
2. Our sofa: the comfy brown thing that sits in our lounge, takes all kind of abuse, but still puts up with us no matter what.
Sleeping toddler
3. Our pets... a strong link to number 1, we've just come back from a break without Miller- convincing Seren he was on a 'doggy holiday'. Oh, the excitement when we got back!

4. Pictures: whether they be photos or paintings or cross-stitches by my mum. I have carried many from home to home, accumulating many more along the way.

5. Clutter: no matter how hard I try to be tidy- and the office and bedrooms are testament to this, the lounge, kitchen and bathroom never lack clutter. Piles of paperwork, piles of washing, toys and books. I'm not sure if we mind, we say we do, and yet it stays.



  1. abused and comfy sofas rule. Thanks for joining in! Linky glitch hopefully fixed soon (what a novice). Mamma P x

  2. Love big brown comfy sofas - every lounge (or dining room!) should have one. You can never escape clutter in a real lived in family home. I have tried but fighting a losing battle x x x

  3. Lovely photos (I think we may have the same sofas!)

  4. Beautiful photos, love your list. Pets are awesome, always love you and never judgemental!

  5. Love your list!!!!!!

    And loving the bouncer... I've used the same one for Little C and it's been fantastic. :) xxx

  6. I fight constantly with the clutter and never seem to win.
    Oh well, life's too short to worry about it!
    Lovely pictures :)


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