Saturday, 24 September 2011

Listography - Top 5 Celebrities I'd like to go for a beer with

This is becoming a wonderful Saturday ritual for me, hubby goes off to squash for the morning and whilst the babes take a nap I take 5!
As I'm typing this I'm wondering if this time next week we'll actually have broadband... or a home... but hey- live in the moment!!

So, this week's Kate Takes 5 listography is celebrities to go for a drink with. I started with a list, I then realised my select few included those that "don't do alcohol", I tried to choose some more but then figured, they don't have to drink their beer...

1. Hugh Jackman. Because he's at the top of every list. Admittedly, it may be Wolverine, it may be Hugh... I'm not fussy!
Hugh Jackman
2. Rhod Gilbert: Welsh, funny, and I like him! I can really see this being a critical part of my reintroduction to Wales.

3. Charlotte Church: I think this would result in an excellent night out in the 'Diff!
Charlotte Church

4. Robin Williams- I have loved this man forever, and would settle for a lemonade..

5. Drew Barrymore: because in  a non-stalker type way, I reckon we'd get on!
Drew Barrymore



  1. Great List!!!!!!!

    Didn't have enough room for Rhod and Drew myself but would love the opportunity!


  2. ohh good choices, Charlotte Church would probably be great fun and I agree that hugh or Wolverine would be fine!

  3. Would be a bit worried drinking with Charlotte Church. Reckon she'd be a very bad influence!

  4. Wow I had Drew and Charlotte Church shortlisted too - though sadly bumped them for guys. A guaranteed good night out though!

  5. Rhod, fantastic choice. I did bump him for Michael Sheen!

  6. Cool list. I like Drew Barrymore too, she seems quite down to earth in spite of the drug fuelled childhood and fame!

  7. Total agreement on Charlotte Church who always seems so honest about things and also Robin Williams who maybe can replace my dead celeb

  8. Love your list, Williams and Barrymore, would be such a laugh!


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