Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Pastures new

Good bye "Pleasant View"

Tonight is my last night in our first family home.
Our daughter's first home.
Where we spent our wedding night.
Where our sons have had their home for the past eight months.

Tomorrow I will take the children on a one-way journey to Wales.
We will spent the rest of the week with my parents.
On Friday we will move into our new family home.

And oh my flippity-chick, why does it never get easier.
Last Friday we had to resort to threatening to pull out of the sale.
Seriously contemplating living with my parents until a new sale could go through.
Nothing like a bit of tension and stress to add to the current mountain of worries.
"Why is September 30th so precious to you?" asked the estate agent on Monday.
Well, we've never been particularly precious about any date, apart from this was the date that we agreed on June 11th when our offer was accepted.
And up until last Friday it was never an issue.

I have always lived with a 'just in time' mentality, this does not mean 'lean'- I do not do things in the quickest possible time, I have unfortunately, on the whole, fallen into the mindset of if I offer a deadline people work to it.
And this seems to be the world of house buying and selling, solicitors just seem to work to the completion date rather than the quickest time to exchange.
I've got used to this, it was just our nervous vendors who weren't happy.
Which made us not happy.

As always, things have worked out. Friday will be stressful. The vendors hadn't booked a removal firm until Monday and as a result aren't quite sure at what time on Friday they can give us full access to the house- with 7pm mentioned.

South Wales
On Saturday Mr J and I will wake up in our new family home.
On Sunday, Seren, Tom and Seb will wake up in their new bedrooms, in a house that will become their home, hopefully for the longest possible time.

And so tonight is my last night living at Back Longfield.
We've had our last supper, our last clink of glasses.

Our future starts tomorrow.


  1. Good luck - moving is always a nightmare isn't it. Hope you don't shed too many tears tomorrow but your new view looks amazing.
    By the way I have taken the liberty of tagging you in my latest post - hope you don't mind!

  2. good luck for the move, i hope it goes smoothly. I hope you enjoy your new home and the new memories that you will make in it x


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