Saturday, 17 September 2011

Twin necessities: My top ten

Multiples Mayhem Carnival at Mummy with a Heart
This week is the Multiples and Mayhem Carnival over at Mummy from the heart and this is my attempt at a contribution.

This is my list of must have's for having twins. It does have the background of already having a little one but here goes:

1. Changing table- I didn't have one for my little girl. And oddly I have never changed a baby's nappy on it. Yet it is so valuable for storing the inevitable mass of toiletries, nappies, muslins and other paraphernalia. As a formula feeding mum the added use is that I use the changing mat top for night time feeding equipment so I don't have to be running up and down the stairs.
Preparing for a twin onslaught!
2. Baskets- Again, for whatever reason I haven't used a changing mat this time (I have been lucky!) but baskets downstairs and upstairs for nappies, wet wipes, cotton wool, etc have proved invaluable, a basket in the kitchen for rinsed bottles needing cleaning, in the bathroom with toiletries in. Baskets are a reasonably priced investment, and later can be used for storing toys, etc.

3. Sleep dividers and cot divider- at eight months my boys still share a cot. This has been a choice of convenience, we will need to completely overhaul my room to get two cots in and mummy out, and we are moving at the end of the month- so we're waiting. However, the cot divider and sleep positioner are hangovers from my little girl, the cot divider for me has always been a must for my peace of mind and the sleep divider was the same, but they came into their own again with the boys. In my world they love sleeping in the same bed, they did for nearly nine months and they frequently hold hands. But they did have a habit of creeping into each other's space and I wasn't ready for additional fears so with a sleep positioner each they continue to keep each other company.
Twins in a single cot

4. Bath supports- we bought these especially for the twins. Squeaks went from a baby bath to the bath with the knowledge that one pair of hands would be enough, and other twin mums recommended bath supports. It took a long time for me to build the confidence to bath them together but couldn't believe how much these supports gave me that confidence. I probably only used them for a few weeks as they now bath with the freedom to kick legs, but they were well worth the investment as otherwise they'd still only be bathed every other day!

5. Two bouncers, two swings- a major luxury, but a must with a toddler and for sleep purposes. We started with one of each, but unlike Squeaks they both liked the swing. The swing was great for night time feeds, when one had to *patiently* wait whilst the other was being fed, tandem feeding didn't happen till around 16 weeks. A bouncer in the bathroom for separate baths. And a swing and a bouncer downstairs for daytime. It's true, they could have been carried upstairs at bedtime and downstairs in the morning, but what with everything else...

6. Two sterilisers- again, one for formula feeding. I had managed to get both an electric and microwave steriliser for half price, the microwave one was more for spending time at my parents. But, when the electric one packed in we wouldn't have coped without a back up to hand.

7. One cot- as number 3, if you can save any expense till later on, every little helps. We could have saved on a cot till the boys were at least six months old.

8. One moses basket- I ended up getting an extra as a bargain off ebay when they seemed to outgrow the single. I needn't have bothered. They soon started napping in their bouncers or buggy. They slept in their cot from the time they came home from hospital so having a moses basket downstairs was only a temporary need.
Baby twins in moses basket
9. A diary- my definite must, and for once not because I love stationery, but for carrying on the recording you do in hospital of feeds and nappy changes, and other such things. My diary became the evidence I needed later on when Tiny was taken into hospital, but also it provided additional sanity in recording who had drank what, had a poo... you know, the things you live your life by!

10. A play pen- I joke my house it tidier with three children than with one. The joy of a play pen- at the end of a day just throw everything in for an instantly tidy lounge.

Maybe next time, a top 10 of not what to buy would be as valuable!


  1. Thanks for joining in. I hope your move soon goes really well. Your boys look so cute in their cot together, I had to laugh at you saying a change table is a necessity but not for actually chnaging! lol

    Mich x

  2. I wish mine would sleep in the same cot. They did for about a month and then adopted the starfish position, arms and legs akimbo. It looked so cute too, never mind!

  3. Great list! I wish I'd read this before I had the twins. My girls shared a cot until just before six months. I never thought they would but they seemed so happy together!


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