Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Listography: Top 5 Keyword Searches on your Blog

Ok, so with broadband successfully enabled I am enjoying catching up on blogs, especially Kate Takes 5. It may not be Saturday morning, but I couldn't help but seek out my contribution to this week's listography of top 5 searches.
So, as always,  here goes, random people:

1. Mountain buggy duet: this has resulted in quite a few people finding my blog. I don't even know why.

2. Pyloric Stenosis: a little more obvious- it'll take you here.

3. the touristy: again, really not sure

4. "blue october" or "octobre bleu" or "blue azul"- quite a detailed search, and yes, mine is the one with the guy liner.

5.  Pretending to work from home: now I never said I pretend to work from home- more I'm not really sure what the difference is between being a mum and a working mum. But hey, quite interested in people googling this, do you think the tips are a plenty?


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Comedy value

So, I've just regained my broadband connection, only to discover one of my favourite bloggers has created a Tuesday Tea and Sympathy linky.

Now, I'm the first to admit at the moment I don't have a lot to complain about, but man have I had two days from a universe where someone on high is laughing at me.

I'm back working full time, I made the decision following the difficulties with flexible working I've mentioned previously. So, I've had a week of full time work, and now this week I have two nights away. So, yes, this is my first vote for sympathy:
1. I hate being away from home, I don't like the days where I leave before the babes are awake and are asleep by the time I get home. I really, really don't like there being an overnight involved as well.

So, yesterday morning I got up with the alarm at 5am (do I get another vote for this?) and left a little late for my 0630 train from Bridgend.
Mistake number 1 was not leaving enough time for the journey, so I played 'beat the clock' with the sat nav.

I managed to make it to the station for 0615, only to be greeted with a pay and display car park, without enough coins I had to attempt automated credit card payment by phone. Oh the comedy of trying to slowly say my registration number. In the end Mr Automated gave up and made the text option available.

I duly collected my train tickets and made my way to the platform.
And then there was the inevitable 'bing bong'.
Now, in Wales the welsh announcements are made first, I have a whole GCSE in welsh so consider myself able to recognise the odd term. I heard 'delay' now, acknowledging I'm no expert, I was surprised that the english translation of this turned out to be 'cancelled'... hmmm. Not happy.
I resorted to the waiting room with fellow passengers, and listened to the message repeated for the next 15 minutes.
Just imagine the reaction of the waiting room, when, at 0653 we all got to hear the announcement apologising for the 23 minute delay.
We all smiled, got back up and braved the elements on the platform to greet the train.
When another announcement asked us to ignore the previous one, the train was indeed cancelled.
How could they raise our hopes like this?
And then, one minute later, the 0630 train goes whizzing past the station. No doubt eager to meet the target for trains arriving in London on time.
Does this qualify me for sympathy vote number 2?!

And now, I am home, having managed to race across London today to catch an earlier train, and fortunately made it in time to put the babes to bed.

But for sympathy vote number 3. I have two massive blisters on my ankles and soles that hurt a lot.
I rediscovered a pair of boots at the weekend. Why oh why had I so rarely worn them?
So, I wore them to London, failing to pack another pair of shoes.
As we sat in our meeting on Monday, overlooking the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, a colleague begged for the team to have a stroll around en route to the hotel. By the time we got a mainline station the soles of my feet hurt so bad I ran to Accessorise for a pair of ballerina pumps. By the time we walked to the hotel I had put my pink socks on with my ballerina pumps to stop the pain of the blisters they had caused on my ankles.
Accessorise Ballet Pumps

Not even a pair of shoes made my world a better place.
Definitely a sympathy vote guaranteed?!!

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