Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Gallery: 'T' is for...

... well, for me it's going to have to be twins, by little gorgeous boys who had me stunned from the first scan. They are the most wonderful surprise, I found this t-shirt set on Facebook the other day, I suspect they will soon adorn the boys, I couldn't have summed it up better:
Perfect tops for twins
My little boys are almost ten months, and they are so cheeky, they are so aware of the other- especially when there's a toy involved. They roll in different directions round the lounge and are so different from those little babies who rushed into the world in January:
Newborn twin boys

Twin boys squash players
Daddy's future squash champion and Mummy's future Rugby International


  1. Yep. It had to be twins! Any excuse to get put the cute baby pics. Those t shirts are so funny. How would you choose which to put on which though?

  2. Correct. It must be twins! Any reason to get put the adorable infant pics. Those shirts are so clever. How might you pick which to put on which however?


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