Wednesday, 2 November 2011

One month in!

Well, we have almost reached four weeks in our new abode.

Today, our new bedroom furniture arrives, I’m very excited.

We have moved from a typical Yorkshire three storey terrace to a relatively new house which you used to draw when you were little.
A property in Rhoose
I hadn’t figured the implication of this before we moved in. Our Yorkshire house was unique, iggledy- piggledy, our random unmatched furniture fitted perfectly.

Our new house has rooms which are perfectly proportioned, no wonky walls, no quirks from years of changes.

When we moved in it quickly became apparent that we had too much of the wrong furniture- admittedly we have three cots, a toddler bed and a junior bed, a bit extreme for a family with three children!
A room fit for twins
We got the boys room sorted straight away (although we’ve now decided we’d like to take the walls down to a lighter blue). They finally have their own cots, although we haven’t succeeded in separating them.
Twins first bedroom
We then broke our bed (don’t ask- it was fixed, but never overlook the opportunity created), it fitted perfectly with my nagging requests for bedside tables and matching furniture. Cue furniture searches and a sale on bedroom furniture. By tonight we will have a room that vaguely matches.

We are going to take the extreme step of letting Seren have our broken(ish) double bed. I have no idea whether this is a good idea of not. I do know that we have pandered to her for so long, and that her routine is to snuggle with mummy or daddy in our bed, only to be moved into her own bed when she has fallen asleep. Whilst we have managed the snuggle down to under 30 mins and she does sleep through on the majority of nights, it is the hassle of moving her to her bed. So, we are trying her in a double bed so we have snuggle in her room and then she is set for the night. And maybe in time she won’t need snuggles- I can hope!

We did of course pop out this weekend to give her room a coat of paint before the bed moved in. In getting curtains for her room I have reneged on all my pre-parent mentality and gone with pink. Polka dots and gingham to be exact. I can’t help it. I would love her to have a pirates bedroom (she loves pirates) but I have two boys to explore these ideas with, oh but I still can’t convince myself pink was for the best.

We have sorted the bathroom and the spare room is in need of curtains but otherwise sorted.

So, I am quite proud of our first month in, upstairs nearly sorted with the absolute joy of fitted wardrobes which actually fit our clothes in!

Roll on December, we’ll have downstairs sorted (fingers crossed) and will have our house ready for… the New Year (no use of the ‘C’ word around here!).

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