Thursday, 3 November 2011

Our family holiday: Center Parcs, Sherwood Forest

In September, we were fortunate enough to get a week off and get away. Center Parcs appeared the ideal location, with the boys and Seren we need somewhere with enough distractions to keep everyone entertained. More importantly, my mum and dad had agreed to go with us so there was plenty of time for everyone to get some 'me' time.

I could not recommend the place enough for toddlers. We intentionally went outside the school holidays, and fortunately at a place like Center Parcs this meant there will still plenty of little people to make the place feel family orientated and very few older children so the place wasn't too manic.

A lot of people said there is enough to do on your first visit without booking activities, however, my need for structure and inability not to look through a catalogue without picking something to buy did prevail. Seren did a few activities and still shouts "Where's Rupert?" now, so memories were definitely made!
Teddy Bear's Picnic, Center ParcsFamily fun at Center Parcs
Balance Bikes, Center Parcs
I managed to 'impress' Mr J by doing the Ariel Adventure:
Ariel Adventure,  Center Parcs

Although my legs did ache for it! Mr J just took the whole thing in his stride!
Ariel Adventure, Center Parcs

Mr J also managed to find out about the squash courts so managed to get in a few games (and even win medals!)
Squash, Center Parcs

And at the end of the day, there was plenty of time to spend as a family:
Center Parcs, Sherwood Forest

The Pancake House, Center Parks

Center Parcs do have it sussed. It is the perfect home from home in terms of holidaying with young people. With lots of activities to keep everyone entertained and with paths around the 'Parc' making it perfect for bike rides and walks. we were happily exhausted in the evening, although I do wonder- without the Rugby World Cup, what would my dad have done at 4am in morning! Mum was most easily pleased, the Starbucks profits probably went up the week we were there!

We're looking forward to another holiday, and we may try out the Longleat Center Parcs next!


  1. Saying hi from the Twin Multiples site. I'm a fellow twin mom blogger. Love the blog!

    1. Hi! Thanks for visiting. Your boys are absolutely gorgeous! x

  2. It seems that you really have a great time during your family holiday at Center Parcs. I think that it really feels great to enjoy the beauty of Central Parcs. I know that a lot of people also love to visit and enjoy the scenery at Central Parcs.

    1. Thanks- Nottinghamshire really is a lovely part of the world.


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