Friday, 6 January 2012

Friday Fun

Today is my, sort of, last day of the Christmas holidays. I am off on Monday for the OH's birthday and at the end of the week for Tom and Seb's birthday, so today was the end of our festive break.

I have enjoyed, near enough, every minute. And this week especially, with no particular pressures to get anything done. I have managed to catch up with family and friends, as well as spending time with my little ones. And I have especially enjoyed reacquainting myself with my camera, which for no particular reason seemed to have had some time off.

Today, we had a lazy morning. Seren doesn't have pre-school so there is no bolt for the door at 0900. I shouldn't write this, but I do take my hat off to the OH for getting Seren to pre-school three mornings a week- getting the three into the car to get Seren there for 0915, getting the boys home and unloaded, getting them back in the car and picking Seren up by 1200, it sometimes must seem not worth the effort. I digress.

So, after our lazy morning:
JumperooTeddy bear dress up
We went off to Soft Play at our local leisure centre for the afternoon. This is something the OH does most Friday's as part of his routine. On his recommendation, we have hired it next week for the boys first birthday party. It is something that will make a huge difference to us, especially after I took the children to the local play centre- £8 for us to get in rather than a pound today. With three little ones to entertain this will make a difference and the session was just right in duration to get everyone exhausted.

The boys are at the age now where they don't like to be sat in their buggy, seat, or still, for long- they are more than able to let you know about their displeasure. Fortunately, Seren is now at the age where she is happy to play independently and also with others.

I think today is the first time I have witnessed Seren playing with other children with no encouragement, whilst she was once described at pre-school up North as 'self-contained'- today she proved that this isn't a hindrance, she also has enough confidence to say 'hello' and be good company.

I also watched on as Seren pedalled on a trike, this is something she may well have done before, but is something that brought a lump to my throat. It is the sort of thing that makes me really hate being a working mum.

The boys were happy with everything, from playing on the crash mats and soft play, to being dressed up by daddy (sorry Tom!), to getting on the bouncy castles as a family.
Soft play funSoft play
Happy child
And then the four of us went home, whilst the OH stayed on for a game of squash (really, it doesn't matter where we live!). Seren and I played with play-doh, the boys and I played with, well everything and anything, and then Seren joined in to show us how the boys Christmas presents worked (she considers this her role as big sister).
black and white SebBlack and white Tom
Black and white Seren
The OH got home in time to get everyone tea, the little ones went to bed without any grizzles, and we are feeling tired but in such a good way.
Daddy and daughter timeDaddy sleeping
I think this must go down as a perfect day.
I think, I must look back on this fondly, rather than hold it as a grudge next week when I'm back at work!

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