Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Gallery: Photography Resolution

This week's theme at Sticky Fingers is Photography Resolutions.

I have had the same wish for a long time,  to improve my photography skills. I have always had an excuse- a mobile job, going back to uni, having children. But a knew when we decided to move home that this would be my opportunity.

I started looking into photography courses locally before we even moved back. And found an excellent one thqat starts every September, knowing we were moving after this date I have set my sights on September 2012. There was only one problem- the course requires you to have your own SLR camera. No problem I thought- my birthday's in August!

And then, my wonderful husband interved. He has always known my love of photography, my need to capture everything, and he has even joined in. We have photos all over the house, representing some of our favourite memories.

And last week, he had a tax rebate from the six months he was working whilst I was on maternity. By that evening he had spent the rebate in his head ten times over.

So, imagine my surprise when after working away in Sheffield, I got home in time to put the boys to bed, and when I went to get their sleeping bags, found one a lot heavier than it should be- and a lovely new camera inside. That he had used his windfall to make my dream happen.

Along with discovering a local Arts Centre runs regular photography courses.

So, my resolution, is that by the time we go on our family holiday in June, that I am able to take decent photos of my gorgeous children.

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