Thursday, 12 January 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Tom & Seb

twin boys at 1Twin boy at 1
Today my little babies turn 1.
It seems so long ago we went through daily monitoring, willing Tom to grow.
Until it was agreed that we should have the boys at 36 weeks.
It seems so amazing that we have two happy, lively boys that are now wearing 12-18mth clothes.
When our first photos of them in 'early baby' were so baggy around Tom's 4lb7oz legs.
Twin boy born at 4.7
It was a year ago that I was confused that they told me about our 4lb 7.5oz baby: why mention the half? Are you trying to make it sound better?

That we arrived at hospital at 6am to have the conversation:
"You're the third twin mum we've had in this morning."
Me: "Oh, wow , we're all in labour?"
"No, they weren't."
Me: (doubts as last time, am I not actually in labour?).
Cue rush to labour ward, not enough time to get to the theatre (standard procedure for multiple births).

06:35 Little baby Tom welcomed into the world.
06:53 Seb arrives, a little more fraught but perfect.

8am: alarm reminder "Phone hospital for bed to be induced".

My gorgeous impatient boys.
Twin boys a few hours old
A year on, we have survived a move to Wales, Tom's Pyloric Stenosis, adapting to a family of five, and a return to work.

I have two boys, so different and so similar.

Seb, who is so willing to share everything, but has to take everything to enable the sharing. Who, like his big sister, doesn't want to miss a thing- so sleep is not an option unless it's bed time.
Tom, the most ticklish baby, who smiles at everyone, and is so relaxed in himself that he can sit and watch the world and sleeps when he wants to, regardless.

Both, love their big sister, and giggle as she bears her weight down on them for cuddles, as she climbs into their cots for the "good morning" routine.

Both love to eat, drink and sleep (they could have inherited this from mummy or daddy).
Both love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and In The Night Garden.
Both need to know where the other is when they are upset.

We would never have thought a year ago that we would be having a party with most of our friends and family. And yet this weekend will see our nearest and dearest (some of those furthest can't be here) gather together to incite chaos and disorder as we celebrate the boys turning one with a birthday cake and a bouncy castle (who would've thought this made a good combination!).

The year has had its challenges, but hand on heart, we have had far more good times than bad times.
Sometimes it has seemed the biggest struggle, sometimes it has been a walk in the park.
But we are fortunate, the babies have put up with us, survived us, and now we can look forward to: the climbing, the falling, the squabbles, the tantrums... but first we have to get through the next 17 years.

Happy Birthday Tom & Seb
Lots of Love
Mummy and Daddy


  1. happy birthday boys! what a lovely post hope next year continues to have more good times than bad :) x

    1. I do like to think things will get easier as they learn to feed themselves, communicate, get around... but I do think there's even more chaos ahead if growing up with my two brothers is anything to go by! x


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