Tuesday, 3 January 2012

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It is so good starting the New Year with a bit of motivation, and nothing quite like reading blogs to provide the momentum. I have just finished reading a post at Kate Takes 5 and it has brought back so many memories, so I thought I would look at our birth experiences from 'His' perspective.

I asked Mr J what he remembered most about Seren coming into the world, I had a random response- "It all became real when I went to buy a pint of milk and realised by the time it reached the expiry date we'd be parents."

What do I remember of Mr J? I remember seeing my other half as the biggest nervous wreck ever. Admittedly we had no experience with babies, and we skipped the antenatal sessions after attending two, we didn't go on the hospital tour so weren't exactly following the boy scout rules.

On the Tuesday night I thought I was having contractions, they were random, following no pattern and carried on all night. At 2am the hospital agreed to let us come in, cue a fraught drive with no idea of where we were going. We reached the Midwife Led Care Unit at 3am. Seeing how stressed we were, they were amazing, insisting it was all ok, letting us stay as long as we needed to, and letting us go when I decided I'd rather be at home. They said I wasn't in  "textbook labour".

Admittedly, the jaw did drop when we got home and Mr J decided it was all too stressful and he was off to bed.

At 8am I put another call into the hospital, please would it be ok to come back? Mr J spoke to my mum (hearing him answering the phone confirmed he was awake) and assured her everything was fine, on putting the phone down I shouted to ask him to drive me to the hospital.

What do I remember, well I think he drove too slowly, he assures me it was 08.30 and the traffic was heavy. I remember having a contraction outside of the hospital entrance, and him asking me to keep walking, he assures me this was because we had been encouraged to have an active labour.

I remember him sitting behind me (birthing stool) and me squeezing his hand so tight, although it was me who trapped the nerves and couldn't feel anything!
But I remember more than anything his euphoria and the instant bond he had with our little girl.
Daddy meets new born daughter
We weren't able to learn many lessons from our first experience, having had our first scan at eight weeks we suspected this would be slightly different:
First scan revealing twins
His verdict on this one: "There were more people in the room". He is very insightful.
I had found out early on that we wouldn't be back at Midwife Led Care and that instead a theatre would be the preferred option. The boys had other ideas- there wasn't enough time and the labour room was the only option.
What do I remember this time- He made himself busy. He went to the car to get the hospital bag when we established this was 'textbook labour', He went and stood outside the room "to get water".
His comedy recollection, yes I may well have asked prematurely if I had had the second one, I blame the gas & air.

We have been lucky, our first birth story lasted from 09.15-09.54, the second 6.05- 06.35 & 06.53.
I think someone appreciated his low stress threshold! Well, letting him off with one birth story for two children- someone really is on his side.

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  1. Thanks for taking part Johnson Babies - wow at your amazing birth story times!

  2. Love your partners insights! BTW Could you make sure you tag your post 'one born every minute' so that people can find your post via the Netmums Network? Thanks!

  3. Lovely post :) Wow quick births!! :)


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