Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Year's Resolutions: 2012

Ok, so a little late, but I like to think well thought through... or something like that!

These are my New Year's Resolutions (the title gave it away didn't it?!), I'm not usually in this boat, I don't really like the whole 'New Year' thing, my philosophy being- it happens every year, you expect it, how about celebrating something which you had a little bit more influence over, and making resolutions when it matters to you, not the calender- but hey, I'll make an exception, this year it is the right time.

I think, the thing for me about New Year's Resolutions is the imminent sense of failure, so my thought process is to put some 'good' ones in the mix, challenging, but good. So, let's get to work:
1. To lose weight. And yet, yes, I start so predictably. But I like to think, with good reason. 2011 was the year of my biggest tum- this afterall was how I started off that year:
8 months pregnant with twins
And a visit to the doctor before Christmas (because I refuse to do this at home) revealed I am 2 1/2 stone heavier now than when Mr J and I met some 7 odd years ago.
So, to give this a little chance of working out, I would very much like to lose a stone in 2012. Meaningful, as really, I just need to start exercising and eating less crap, should be straightforward...

2. The reason that I may not achieve number 1.
I have asked my three homies (can I really use this term [there really is a good reason] [and Tupac got away with it]) to sign up to a New Year's Resolution.
To meet every first Sunday of the month for a meal., other halves, children and all.
For the first time, in probably over 13 years, maybe 15, we are all back in South Wales. I am very excited. However, unlike the student lifestyle of the time, we now have other halves, families and respectable (ahem) jobs to hold down. So, I have issued the challenge, and it has been accepted.
Johnson Babies
3. To do less work (in my own time): ok, so it's a nice idea in theory. But maybe just to only email between 0800 and 1900 would be a good start.

4. To make 2012 the year of the brand at work. Ok, I'm good at conflicting resolutions. So, to get the website on track, to hold the best ever awards, these things will make me happy.

5. To get learning again. Both personally and professionally, I have hopefully got the commitment of work to do my ILM in Coaching and my next APM qual, and I have found a course for September in Photography (should sort out the 366 project as my skills wain).

6. To, and not sure why it's all so far down as number 6, spend more time with the hubby and the little people. Although probably more as individuals than as a family (although, that as well).
Debbie Johnson
7. To sort out what we are going to do about schools for the little people. So, it turns out little people in Wales can start school the term after they turn 3. And it turns out we have missed this intake for Seren. So starts the thoughts over schools, grades, feeder schools. Decisions must be made!

8. To sleep more. This, as most will know, is no great sacrifice, but I must get rid of the bags under my eyes (and maybe the hubby could replace them with a very nice new bag for my birthday??).

9. To make sure my hubby has enought time for himself. This is one of those 'crap' ones. He does play more squash than anyone I've ever met. Seren will be in school (as long as we achieve no. 7) in September and the boys will be in pre-school next January). But! He has given up his close friends to move to Wales. I must make sure he 'goes home' as often as he wishes.

10. And of course, to maintain the blog. To not have lapses of work concentration in favour of the blog. To have the confidence (as I do have the ticket!) to attend Cyber 2012, to get to at least day 115 (randomly chosen) of Project 366 posts, and hey, why not, to blog 366 times (meaningfully).

And herein are my New Year's Resolutions.
Now, everyone,
Fingers crossed!


  1. It's good to write out your resolutions like this... it crystalises them in your mind. And some unconventional resolutions included in the list too! Very inspiring!

    1. Thank you! I just think sometimes you acutally have to give yourself the motivation by having some things easier to achieve than others. x


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