Monday, 16 January 2012

Seb & Tom's 1st Birthday Party

On Saturday we organised a first birthday party for the boys. As this was our first party since moving closer to family we decided to invite all of our extended family as well as friends.
This resulted in 25 children and lots of aunties and uncles joining to celebrate the twins hitting their first birthday. We hired the soft play at the local leisure centre to cater for everyone, well, the children anyhow.

We managed to get ahead of ourselves in terms of organisation, goody bags were prepared in the week, food planned, shopping plan drawn up. And by midday on Saturday the food was prepared, car loaded, and we had to wait for the party to start.

A close friend who usually makes the children wonderful cakes was unable to make it. Fortunately Facebook came into its own and we managed to find someone locally who made the boys an amazing cake.

Nothing prepared me for the chaos that was about to prevail. It transpires that birthday parties are like conveyor belts at leisure centres. Waiting for one party to leave so we could go in and the next party desperate for us to leave.

Fortunately we managed to get the table ready and after everyone had time to get exhausted, the table got demolished.

Before we knew it, our time was up.
And I went home and waited for the earliest respectable time so I could start on the vodka.

We had the most amazing time, everyone appeared to enjoy themselves.
The boys were happy and content the whole time, appreciating their role as centre of attention.

But the time did go too fast, relying on someone else is never good for the control freak, this was the best venue for the number of people we had planned to invite, and it was very reasonably priced.
...We will never be doing this again (famous last words).
The tea parties we have had for Seren's first two birthdays were much more calm (well, as can be).

Nothing can take away from how wonderful it was to see all our friends and family, to enjoy the boys first birthday.

Although, I've just booked Peppa Pig World for Seren's 3rd Birthday. It should be a little quieter?!
Not sure Seb's too happy about that plan!


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  2. First birthday parties are truly amazing for parents and kids. Celebrated vow renewal party of my uncle and aunt with all our dear ones. It was a surprise planned at one of the famous San Francisco venues by all of us. Italian and continental food was great. Innumerable photo shoot was done with all.


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