Tuesday, 17 January 2012

TMI - Potty training

So, we have started down this road.
It might be a little later than most.
Tony is over 40 Seren is three in March.
I had wanted to potty train her when I was on maternity leave last year, but despite investing in all the paraphernalia she showed absolutely no interest. Our health visitor was lovely, she told us of her experience of taking her son to pre-school and saying he was potty training (I've never mentioned her name have I?) and then after spending time with Seren said that she probably would not respond to peer pressure or 'training' and to just let her get on with it in her own time.

Since then we've had good intentions: wait till the summer, wait till we've moved, wait till half term, wait till Christmas...

Fortunately, as predicted, Seren has got on with it. The potty came out in the Christmas break. The nappy came off. And Seren is happy to use the potty, and the toilet.
When she is at home, we are all confident- as long as Seren is frequently asked about weeing.
The bad side was that as soon as we put her nappy on for bed she'd have a bobby davro (there's another post!).
But we've now, after a fortnight, made that breakthrough, and the potty is now used for number 1s and 2s.

The next challenge is pants. We've got loads, on advice gained.

And then, we need all to have the confidence to go outside. This one seems a long way off. But who knows.

Did someone mention Easter!?

Seren's unconventional potty position
I'd appreciate any tips about achieving the last two stages please!


  1. Beautiful name! I don't have any tips I'm afraid, but I'm after some myself as I've recently discovered the potty, so I'll keep an eye on your comments if that's ok. Not sure if it's going to be for me yet, but I've used it a couple of times.

    1. Hope it's going well for you? We've had a bit of a set back with a tummy bug but she does love the independence.

  2. You know what, she did it on her own, she will do the next stages on her own too. Just explain it all to her and let her take the lead - sounds like you are doing just fine. Fab pic btw!

    1. She is doing really well, it does seem to have a habit of working itself out regardless of my intervention!

  3. Just take your time with it, it will come! Noah is 4 in June and still getting to grips with number 2's. We are nearly there but we started last April! Little Madam on the other hand taught herself and chilled out boy is just a classic, lead him to the potty every 15 mins job. They are all different, but we all use the toilet in the end! x

    1. Thank you x I did learn from your potty posts a while ago but it's just that leap of faith with playschool as well, and thinking about sending her off nappiless! She'll prove my worries wrong I'm sure.


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