Monday, 2 January 2012

The year that was: 2011

Sometimes you wonder where the time has gone, how has another year gone so fast.
In 2010, our little girl turned 1, we got married. That was quite a year. Enough activity for a family to be happy with. But it was nothing compared to 2011!

2011 dawned with me and Mr J on tenderhooks, before Christmas we had been told that 'twin 1''s lack of growth was a problem. Visits to the hospital every other day for monitoring had started, and it became a waiting game of how long we would be able to carry on the pregnancy.
On January 4th we agreed with the consultant that being induced was the best option and that as 36 weeks had become the target date, we agreed to phone the hospital on the 12th for a bed.
Of course, that didn't happen, by the time the alarm went off reminding me to phone the hospital the babies were in the world- impatience being their most apparent trait (inherited from their father of course).
Newborn twin boys
We managed our first trip to Cardiff at the beginning of March, and also celebrated Seren's 2nd birthday.
An Upsy Daisy 2nd Birthday
At the end of the month Tom was admitted to hospital and treated for pyloric stenosis, and the bid to move back to home for family support was made.
Pyloric stenosis at 10 weeks
All five of us made the trip to Cardiff for Easter, to decide which area we wanted to move to we ran out of houses to look at and Mr J popped into an estate agent and got a viewing for an hour later. We loved the house.
Living in Rhoose
We went back North, and spent time getting our house up to scratch, the effort paid off, the house went on the market the first Monday in June, by the Saturday we  had a sale confirmed. By the Monday our offer had been accepted on the house in South Wales.

I went back to work at the end of July. We had our first family holiday in September.
A Bear Hunt at Center Parcs, Sherwood Forest
And by October we had moved to from Yorkshire to Wales.
Moving homes
I went back to full time hours, and we have a lot of support from my parents.

My little brother got married the same weekend as we moved. He wisely chose Vegas so as not to mess with our plans (!), and Seren now has two cousins to keep her in check, and help her in her mission for chaos and disorder!

Our friends have been exceptional, we've been grateful for friends coming to visit from the North, as well as friends who have done the distance making themselves part of our lives on a more regular basis.

A close friend is also moving the move back home, I'm not sure sometimes but I think fate plays a major role in our lives. Neither of us would have believed this time last year that we would be back living in Wales, but we are, and life is so much better for it.

We have had the most wonderful Christmas, lots of family time, and then we had the biggest luxury of my parents having the little ones for the New Year. Cue a return to... well... many moons ago, bed at 4am, mainly due to good food, excellent drink, and fantastic company.

I have no idea what 2012 has in store, and can't wait!!

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