Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Cybher Meet and Greet

And breathe a sigh of relief... I might not know anybody going- but at least I'll know what everyone looks like!

Cybher is taking place in May, and I would pretend to know it's now a tradition to this before a conference, but it's my first, and it is- the 'meet and greet'.

So, this is me, at my wedding in May 2010, probably the last time I managed to make a real effort with my appearance (this is not a sympathy vote, just a fact), since then pregnancy and children have driven my hair and body into bedlam.

Name: Debbie
Blog: Johnson Babies
Twitter ID: @_johnsonbabies
Height: 5'5"
Hair: Long, thick, and brown- usually in need of a pair of straighteners.

So, five things you should know about me:
1. I'm Welsh.
2. My husband and three children are English.
3. I love music and reading, currently listening to Blue October (for a change) and reading Caitlin Moran's "How to be a woman"- I need all the help I can get.
4. When drinking it's vodka, white wine and for a treat, champagne- I can't do gin, whisky or red wine.
5. My ticket for Cybher was financed by selling a boat. The hubby decided we could each have two treats and this was mine (would you believe the other was a changing bag- really, what has happened to my life?!)

Thank you so much to Si├ón for hosting, if you would like to join in the Cybher Meet and Greet, do a post and add it to the Linky. I look forward to seeing you in May!


  1. Love hhow you spent your treat money. Phil and i do the same when we get some cash, a treat each! I look forward to meeting you....

  2. Hey I look forward to meeting you!

    I am totally mentally blocking out that you don't do gin and red wine though ;)

    See you there!

    1. No Mammasaurus, she is a perfect pal for us. We don't have to share our gin!
      Looking forward to meeting you Debbie.

  3. How To Be A Woman is such a good book! Look forward to meeting you :)

  4. Interested to hear your thoughts on "How to Be a Woman." I think I ruined it by reading it right after "Bossypants" which was flawlessly amazing :)

  5. It will be so lovely to meet you! See you in May :-)

  6. I don't do gin or red wine either ;-) And my husband is Welsh but I am English. Looking forward to meeting you in May.

  7. deffo gonna be worth the boat!! see you there! x

  8. Yey will be great to meet you :)

  9. Looking forward to meeting you at Cybher! I totally get the changing bag treat (says the changing bag addict...)

  10. Look forward to meeting you! I sold lots of clothes!


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