Thursday, 9 February 2012

#dosomethingyummy - Week 2: Family

This is week 2 of the blog prompts from Nickie at I Am Typecast . Nickie has invited bloggers and readers to support the CLIC Sargent charity. Nickie is promoting CLIC Sargeant and Yummy Mummy Week which takes place from the 10th to 18th March 2012.

Nickie posts about why this is important to her and how you can get involved here.

The prompt for week 2 is 'What family means to you'.
I grew up with as a family of five. We moved to our house when I was two, and I can't remember our previous home. The home I grew up is where my parents still live, my room is still my room, albeit it is now decorated to my mum's taste, it has a bed whenever I need it- and now it also boasts two cots.

I have two brothers one older, one younger. Growing up was as good as it could have been. My parents couldn't have wanted a better life for us, and always did their best to do best by us.

In a way I have never really got to know my older brother, as children we got on, fell out, fought, made up, got on... He went away to uni when I was 15 at a time when we probably didn't get on at all, he moved abroad soon after finishing uni and seldom comes back to the UK. I would of course defend him to the end of the earth, but I couldn't really claim to know him.

I get on well with my younger brother and always have done. As children we both had the same learning difficulties, most evidently demonstrated by the language we spoke- which no-one else understood.
This is probably one of the ways in which my mum shows how much she loved us. When you are pregnant they go through all the medical histories and one question they ask is about learning difficulties.

My memory is as follows- from the age 5 to 10 I went to speech therapy, I did mirror writing, and I was in remedial (it was ok to call it that then) classes until I went to secondary school. My brother was taken out of mainstream school for a few years and went to a 'special' school - no idea what the right phrase for that is now.

When I asked my mum what had been 'wrong' with us, her response was "you didn't have learning difficulties", when pressed she replied "you didn't have learning difficulties, you were just special".
I love her for this, this is her recollection of it now.

At the time, I had to go to a speech therapist once a week, it was half hour from where we lived, my brother's school was 40 minutes away... it must have been so stressful at the time, and now... it's just one of the ways we were her children.

I think that is what family's about- appreciating the differences, and loving them.

We joke that we were called the Addams family by neighbours where we lived. My brothers did moto-cross from 5 till they left home. Sunday's were spent on dirt tracks, getting home covered in mud, in a big transit van that was the blot on the street.
But this was how we spent time as a family, our one day out, together, every week.
My mum and I may have hated the cold weather but it was what we did as a family and that was that.

I think now, with my own family, it is what we will strive for, time together as we find our interests and our differences, something which ensures we do have time as a family, to appreciate each other and the ways in which we grow as individuals.

My parents, despite all my back chat as a teenager, did give us the upbringing which I as a parent would like to provide to my children.

And that really is what family is about.


  1. That is a lovely read. Who is in the photo above? Is that your Dad and brother's? It is interesting to read about your special needs. Your writing and voice on this blog is so fluid. Do you have any difficulties now? Really enjoyed. x

    1. Thank you x Yes, it's my mum, dad and little brother. 3I have been very fortunate, and thanks to some excellent support and inspiring teachers, by the time I reached secondary school I was more of less back up to speed.
      I think it's why I worry about good schools for our three, appreciating the difference an inspirational teacher can make. x

  2. What a great read. "I think that is what family's about- appreciating the differences, and loving them." - love it.

    1. Thank you x I think it took me a while to discover I didn't need to have the same interests as my mum to get on with her.

  3. Your parents sound amazing

  4. Lovely post and beautiful photo. Thanks so much for supporting #dosomethingyummy


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