Friday, 24 February 2012

Family Frolics #7: Make your cake and eat it!

This week we've been put in a difficult situation, I've had laryngitis and been off work all week, fortunately it's not been too bad, just a lack of a voice. This has been complicated by Mr J having to go up north for the week, so I've been able to spend lots of time with the little ones and figure out how to keep them entertained. My first time of being a stay-at-home mum for six months, and my first time of a week solo parenting.

I have loved every minute, and will probably be posting photos from this week for a long time, so being able to get involved with Family Frolics on Multiple Mummy's blog is so good. Trying to figure out which activity to include, well, it had to be making cakes.

Seren never liked cakes, she used to eat the icing off the top and leave the cake (rather embarrassing at birthday parties as she collected cakes, missing the icing). Since she has started making cakes she has enjoyed participating in the eating as much as the making.

These cakes were made with the intention of my mum's birthday. I sense this was a ploy by Seren, we do not have any cakes left to give my mum... but it has allowed a little added incentive to eat all her meals if she can have cake for dessert!

As always, these are our best attempts, as much as I love Masterchef- we're a long way off!
Baking at 2!

Baking at 2

Baking fun

Why not pop over to Multiple Mummy for more ideas for Family Frolics?


  1. aww the cakes look lovely homemade are always the best even if they are nto perfect master pieces :) x

  2. Brilliant home-made cake and I love Seren's face at the end! Noah use to lick the icing off too and leave the cake, but now if it is chocolate cake he will eat it!

    Thanks for linking to Family Frolics. Looking forward to reading more posts! x


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