Friday, 10 February 2012

Family Frolics: Happy faces!

I will be honest in saying this is not from this week, it is from last week, but the week went down hill from this point for me so I had time off the blog.

Seren went down with a sickness bug, so on Monday, a non playschool day she was allowed her own way. She decided to dress as Tinkerbell, and she wanted to work with mummy.

Mummy works in the office next door to the lounge, so, in came her table and chair and her craft things. Seren loves doing 'craft' and this covers a multitude of mess.

And this was her effort (I'll take the credit for the pipe cleaner!)

Admittedly it was lovely to have Seren in the room whilst I worked. She wasn't happy about leaving whilst mummy did some conference calls (she insists on grabbing the phone and having her own conversations), and since then, every day has consisted of a request for 'face plates'.

This definitely isn't a craft award submission but it was a lovely way to spend time with my little girl.

Please pop along to Multiple Mummy's blog to find some great ways to spend time with family.


  1. Replies
    1. From tutu to fairy dress- I wonder who got her on this track!

  2. Oh boy you had you hands full with working, craft and a poorly girl, but you are super mum, how well you did! Love the smiley face and looks like Tinkerbell had fun too!

    Thanks for linking to Family Frolics. Please do join in again

    1. Only super mum after 8pm! Really loving the posts on this linky. x


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