Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Gallery: Landscapes

This week's theme over at The Gallery is landscapes. Before I met the OH landscapes were places I visited, I most loved the skylines of cities: London; New York; Paris; Cardiff.

The OH grew up in the Pennines and appreciated the peace in a landscape. The house he lived in represented this, the previous owners had adopted 'Pleasant View' as its name.

When it came to moving to Wales I quickly realised when house hunting it was not likely to come down to which house we chose, but the location. We would no longer suit the busy life, with three children, a dog and two cats on tow, we need an environment the children could grow up as children.

We found the ideal location, and next came the house. And when we found this one, whilst the house was perfect, it was the view from the garden that made it the home we wanted for our family.

We live in a village that boasts being the most southerly point on the mainland of Wales, this is our view, that over there is England.

Pop over to The Gallery for more amazing landscapes.


  1. Such a lot of love for Wales this week. Definitely moved up our list of placed to visit.


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