Sunday, 12 February 2012

Listography: Mugs

Listography at Kate Takes 5 this week is mugs... of the drinking variety.

In my strive for the perfect contents for the perfect kitchen we had fitted when we lived in our previous house, I went out and got a collection of mugs, that all sort of matched.
We got rid of a load of random mugs but some have stayed the distance:

1. My Mr Bump mug captures a family memory. As children we each had a place mat and matching flannel (I have no idea!) which was ours. Whilst my brothers had Mr Strong and  Mr Tickle, I had Mr Bump, I am not sure of the link with my mum calling me 'Calamity Jane' throughout my childhood.

2. My Little Miss Lucky mug is something I bought when I had my first job, it came in very useful at my second job where the coffee machine gave 1/2 cup measures- this cup gave the impression my cup was always full.

3. My mum gave me this cup, probably in 1999, the year I moved to England, as a piece of my heritage When giving it to me she stressed how expensive it was. To this day, she is the only person to have used it, I guess my reluctance goes back to Mr Bump.

4. This was the set of mugs I bought on the way to meet the removal company when we moved here- having heard that you need to ply the team with tea and coffee. Now it is this set of mugs which the hubby uses to make me a coffee in the mornings.

5. And my favourite:
This is my favourite, not because it is a great mug (it is, but that's not the point). When I moved in with the OH I had two perfect mugs, one was a really long mug which I used for coffee in the mornings, the other a normal mug for afternoon coffee- Can you see how stuck in my ways I get! He managed to break them both. This mug was the replacement, its nothing like the mugs he broke, but it still reminds me of my flat, the first place I bought of my own- oh yes, once upon a time, I was independent!

Pop along to Kate Takes 5 for more mug stories!


  1. Oh wow I love your mugs - they are all fab :-)

    Lou :-)

  2. I like the Gordian Knot best - is it a Gordion Knot and I'm not sure of the spelling?

  3. I love your mugs! It's also very reassuring to read that so many other people are so stuck in their ways about particular mugs for different drinks or time of the day ;-)

  4. The two small ones in this house love the Mr Men, so they'd love that Mr Bump one! :-)

  5. Those mugs are sure full of memories! Love the Mr. Men ones.

  6. love the VW bus one :) Love that your hubby makes you coffee in the morning!

  7. Love the Mr. Men mug, that's so cool.


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