Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Listography: Things that make me happy

Listography at Kate Takes 5 this week is about things that make you happy, so without further ado, let's get smiling:

1. Seren's bedtime routine: I love taking Seren to bed, it is no longer the trauma it used to be to settle her, instead it is a negotiation on the subject of "how many books?". Seren always tries for three, we negotiate at two. She then gets to choose which two, this is a longer process as three books are placed on the bed. As a child I was a bookworm, I love that she loves books. The times where either the OH or I attempt to get away with one book results in shutting the bedroom door, the pitter patter of feet, light on, and half an hour later, lights off. Come morning time her books are all in bed with her.

2.  Sunday afternoon walks: we must do this more, but this year we have been trying to make a habit of going for walks as a family, we are surrounded by the most amazing places, and just to get out as a family, and to get some fresh air, coming home re-energised.

3. Coming home after being away with work: As much as I may enjoy a night's sleep without interruption, there is nothing like the feeling of coming home. Being away makes me appreciate my family so much. There is no place like home.

4. My mum: of course my dad as well, but there is no-one who can make me laugh quite as much as my mum, and this is probably because it includes the ability to laugh at herself. My mum is well meaning, wears her heart on her sleeve, and will do anything for her grandchildren. She nags like no other. But acknowledges it. My mum's ability to do the best for everyone, and the fact she is my mum- what's there not to be happy about?!

5. My husband: this is a difficult one, he is my husband because he makes me happy, but we must do more to remember this, that we were a couple first and foremost. Becoming parents has changed us irrevocably, but our relationship with each other is more than this. He makes me happy because he can take the mick out of me, and everyone else, with an easy style, sometimes too quick for the naked eye. He will spoil me with the most random presents, and he is never predictable. He is yin to my yang.

Head over to Kate takes 5 for more things that make people happy:



  1. Aw - love no. 5. Sweet when people include their husbands - now I feel bad!

  2. I also said bedtime stories and we also read The Tiger Who Came To Tea. When I was a child, about 12yo, one of my favourite books was Judith Kerr's When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit. Later I read the next two books in her autobiographical trilogy so I was thrilled when someone gave this book by her.

  3. Oh wow, I totally had a flashback when I saw the cover of Tiger who came to tea in your post! I had completely forgotten about that book, but I remember reading it as a child myself. I'm going to have to go out and buy it now!


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