Monday, 27 February 2012

Product Review: Sweetcorn Bites

Last week I opened the door to a package of Sweetcorn Bites, I don't actually think the postman wanted to part with them.
Sweetcorn Bites
Sweetcorn is definitely one of the OH's favourite vegetables, and one of Seren's as a result. Seren enjoys using her fork, but struggles with some of her favourite veg: trees (broccoli), leaves (green beans or spinach) and balls (used equally for sweetcorn and peas). Many times we have gone out for dinner and she has resorted to 'drinking' a bowl of peas:
Toddler eating peas
The arrival of Sweetcorn Bites has cheered Seren up immensely, we are equally going through a phase of Seren liking to use her hands to eat, and it's difficult to enforce rules given it's ok to eat toast and cake with hands, but not vegetables... when we want her to eat vegetables.

Sweetcorn Bites are the perfect compromise, made for eating with hands! They are perfect for ensuring little ones (and adults) are getting their daily veg, with the added bonus that they are straightforward to prepare.

If you want you can just pop them in the microwave for 4 minutes with a dash of water, I think this makes them perfect for a snack when the need arises. Or you can roast or boil in a pan.
Sweetcorn Bites on the hob
They do look so tempting, and I think little people would agree given how much Seren seems to love the colour yellow. We had ours with our main meal:
Potatoes and sweetcorn bites
Now, usually I focus on green veg for us from a nutritional view, but for the 'science bit' there's no arguing with sweetcorn:
"It’s rich in carbohydrates and sugars and contains useful amounts of vitamins A, B3 (which supports metabolism, the nervous and digestive systems) and C. It also contains Folic Acid, fibre and protein. Perhaps the most surprising thing about sweetcorn is that’s it’s even better for you when it’s cooked! The antioxidant activity of these little golden niblets is significantly increased when cooked, helping to battle cancer, heart disease and protect against cataracts (Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, August 2002)."

Sweetcorn Bites are available from Ocado, and selected stores at Waitrose, Tesco and Co-op. 
Barfoots run an environmentally and socially acceptable farming system, ensuring continuity of supply of wholesome, affordable food and enhances the fabric and wildlife of the British countryside.
They are made on a working farm in Sussex, so whilst it may not be 'buying local' it is 'buying British'. Which, in this economy, can only be a good thing.

These are the perfect size for the family, being quick and convenient is a huge boost to us, and giving variety and encouraging independence are a great bonus.

The results from our family were a resounding 'yes'. Seren loved them, especially being allowed to eat with her hands, Mr J and I love the idea of snacking on them as we focus on loosing weight through eating better, and my teething babies love that they can get a good hold them and chomp their gums down. It's rare that we get the five of us giving thumbs up to one thing, but this is a resounding success.

Disclosure: We received a package of Sweetcorn Bites for the purposes of this review. All views and opinions contained are our own.

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