Thursday, 29 March 2012

All the small things

I've posted recently about Seren's birthday, I always have the dilemma of not wanting to assume people will give her presents, and over compensating, and then I get overwhelmed because people do think of her, and she gets spoilt.

We also do this bargain spotting thing, where we buy things on sale, and then feel the need to spend the equivalent of what we would have spent rather than accepting that we had a bargain.

For Seren's birthday, I knew my parents were planing to give her a dolls house they had managed to get at half price. Trying to factor in this alongside all the gifts Seren had received at Christmas, I decided we would get Seren a bookcase (I had fallen in love with), we also managed to get her furniture for the dolls house (at half price, and using vouchers we forgot we had) and then of course I remembered I had been hoarding things I had been 'bargain buying' - books and duplo.

Whilst I was busy planning all of this, and weighing up whether my child was being spoilt... I should have started by asking her.

"Seren, what would you like for your birthday?"

For the weeks leading up to her birthday, we had a conclusive answer:

"A penguin please."

The week before her birthday:

"I'd like a crocodile please."

Seren's conviction was astounding.

Thanks to Roald Dahl's "The Enormous Crocodile" and "Happy Feet 2" we were able to ensure Seren received the gifts she most wanted:

And Paulton's Park also did their bit:

At the end of this I am left wondering what we are creating by feeling the need to meet our  (my) own expectations, and really a penguin,  crocodile and contributing to creating the birthday cake was all Seren needed to make her day complete.

And the crocodile got a day out too:


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